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Stream your user's real time Facebook Workplace posts to your intranet using FM EMBED.


For Immediate Release
September 28, 2017, LLC
495 Brickell Ave
Suite 1405
Miami, FL 33131  


You have heard of Social Media. Get Ready for Formal Media! You don't know us (yet) but you certainly know Facebook. There's a connection - literally!

We are ecstatic to release the BETA for our Formal Media™ Embed platform. Stay connected with yourWorkplace by Facebook live news feed from within the comfort of your corporate Intranet portal.

Try it out and be among the first 100 to experience a remarkable combination of innovation, collaboration, and productivity. CLICK HERE TO CONNECT NOW!, LLC, is an IT consulting firm, with over 21 years of experience architecting enterprise IT solutions for government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.

Contact Us, LLC is doing business as Formal Media ™

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