Deconstructing BitCoin

Deconstructing Bitcoin.png

There’s a lot of fervor and hype around bitcoin. As a technologist, my suggestion is to go beyond the currency and think “infrastructure” and “smart contracts”. Blockchain IS the internet of smart contracts and decentralized transactions. The actual digital currency e.g. bitcoin, ether, litecoin may or may not prevail but the infrastructure is here to stay.

Some analysts say that blockchain will revolutionize global economics and politics more than the Internet has. I agree. Think any  “transaction” that depend on integrity, validity and freedom from centralized manipulation e.g. government control. Think voting, rights, access control, commerce and not just money. Blockchain is more than a digital currency; it empowers you to basically DIY banking.

Here are a few links I put together for the entrepreneurs among you:

  1. Ethereum
  2. The Internet of Money

If you are inclined to analyze the technology at the code and programming level, here’s a few more:

  1. Introducing Ethereum and Solidity
  2. Mastering Bitcoin

There are also a few good online courses on

Search for keywords “bitcoin”, “blockchain” and “Ethereum”.