Formal Media™Blockchain edition

Formal Media™ is the world’s first blockchain enabled Digital Workplace that synchronizes the smart contract with the corresponding digital records, providing proof of existence, record and identity for multiple parties to a transaction. Formal Media™ Blockchain Edition is perfect for records professionals who need to demonstrate to auditors or litigators that their digital records, workflows, and logs have not been tampered with or altered.

Formal Media™ blockchain enabled records and contract management system is now available through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP), and Azure MarketPlace catalog. Don’t worry if you don’t participate with Microsoft OCP. We can work together directly as teaming partners to deliver creative solutions for your Federal government & private sector clients. Learn more about our blockchain enabled Digital Workplace, and how we can revolutionize your records and contracts management.

Formal Media™ is a secure, transparent, regulatory compliant and immutable system for digital data, workflows and signatures.