To get Appid , User token etc. Property value Click here.

To get the details about how to install App please go through below instruction.

1. Azure Portal

1.1  Create App Services


For creating App Services click on “App Services” option. You will see the app service screen. Click on “+ ADD” to add new app service.

1.2  Add “Web App”

Select type “Web App” from list. Click create. Fill form and submit it.


App Name : Descriptive name for your service Example: FMEmbedFeedService.

Subscription : Choose subscription available with your tenant.

Resource Group : A resource group is a collection of resources that share the same life cycle, permissions, and policies.

OS : Select Operating System Type.

App Service Plan/Location : The App Service plan settings will determine the location, features, cost and compute resources associated with your app.

Application Insights : Application Insights helps you detect and diagnose quality issues in your .NET web apps and web services, and enables you understand what your users actually do with it.


1.3. Get Publish Profile

You can see list of services in which you can find your newly created service as above screen. Click on that service you will get redirected to service detailed page.


Click on “Get publish profile” button and save it.

2. Visual Studio.

2.1 Get Client ID & Client Secret

In any browser address bar, type your site _layout/15 path and append “appregnew.aspx”.
Ex :


To get client ID and client secret, click “Generate” button and full fill rest of the details. Save this client id and client secret for furthers use.

Title : Descriptive name.

App Domain : Your azure tenant domain name. Example :


Redirect URI : Once app will be launched on which page it should be redirected.
Example :

2.2 AppManifest.xml & Web.config file

Set the SharePoint client id and client secret under “<appSettings>” tag in web.config file and only client id in appmanifest.xml.





2.3 SharePoint Project


Right click on SharePoint project and select “Publish” option.

2.4 Edit Current Profile


2.5 2.5. Publish Office and SharePoint Add-ins


Set SharePoint client id and client secret and finish. Generated in generate in step 2.1.

2.6. Deploy Project


Click on “Deploy your web project” button.

2.7 Import Profile


2.8 2.8. Import publish profile


Import profile you saved earlier in the step 1.6.

  • Just browse the “publish profile
  • Click on “Validate Connection” button for validation n checking.
  • Click on “preview” button if you want to see a preview.
  • Click on “Publish” button.

2.1 Publish Successfully.


You will be notified when it will be got completed.

2.2 Package Files


Get app package files “. app file”.

3. SharePoint

3.1 App Catalog

Open App Catalog site of tenant and upload app package file generated in step 2.10.


3.2  Add app in SharePoint Site

Go to Site contents > “Add an app”.


Choose App “FM Embed” and then trust it.


3.3 Add app on Page

  1. Open Site Page.
  2. Edit Page.
  3. Select “insert” tab from top ribbon.
  4. Click “AppPart

5. Select “WorkPlaceFeedAppPart”. Click “Add”.


2.1 Set Property of App part

1. Edit the Web Part

2. Select the custom property


3. Set property value. To check how to get value of Email, GroupId, UserToken refer click here.

3.6 App Output


Note : Above all steps are required to do to setup in new tenant. It is for those customers who are buying from you directly and need separate tenant hosting.

To Get App from Seller Dashboard Directly :

Go to Site Contents > Add an app > SharePoint Store > Get FM Embed then follow all the steps from 3.3 mentioned earlier.