Our Mission is to facilitate the integration of social media collaboration and enterprise Intranet functionality. We are making Microsoft Office documents sexy by powering them with social media functionality! Like, Share and Follow your documents!

Social Media + Enterprise Intranet = Formal Media

$1 | 1 User | 1 Month*


Enterprise Intranet

  • Document Management
  • Precision Search
  • Video Conferencing
  • Cloud Data Storage (1 TB per User)
  • Single Sign On
  • Web Based Email
  • Anytime Access from Any Device

Social Media

  • User Collaboration
  • Workplace by Facebook (Standard or Enterprise)
  • Formal News Feed
  • Praise, Ratings & Recommendations
  • Expertise Profiles




Not convinced yet? Check out what is included in these packages:

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Mosaic Tiles

- Share your relevant files, photos and announcements on our immaculately designed Mosaic Tiles landing page module.  
- Automatically integrate Workplace by Facebook and  Yammer. 
- Securely and individually edit tiles with
administrative priviledges using managed metadata. 
- Your videos, news feeds, documents and events can even be laid out for your employees to easily access.

Search Suggest and Filters

- Simplify your users searching with our Search Suggest App.
- The user can either select a document
from the grid, or select a suggested search item to bring them to the Search Results page.
- With Search Filters you can easily find the documents or pages you’re looking for.
- Filter your search by Department, Location or other prerequisites defined by you.
- Easily clear your filters to start over.
- Upcoming events section located on the right hand side of the page.

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Discover People

- Search for users with the Discover People App.
- Search Criteria are configurable so you can search by Name, Department, Location, or other Customizable fields.
- Each Profile has the user’s name, information, and buttons that allow you to Praise, Follow, Email or Skype call the user right from the App.

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Media Gallery

- Manage your media all in one place.
- Videos and Images can be stored in their own galleries to make items easier to find.
- Images posted to Yammer or Workplace can
be found in the Media Gallery as well.



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*Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook and its affiliates.
*Formal Media requires an Office 365 license and at least the standard version of Workplace by Facebook. Office 365 comes with a free version for nonprofit corporations.