Drowning in a deluge of patch work applications, disparate corporate data and content with no order behind it? We bring simple, clean and customized architecture to your table. From SharePoint server architecture, information architecture and content metadata customization, to thoughtful use of each architectural building block and customized server farms - we have an integrated design and architecture solution for each unique business strategy.

We are subject matter experts in:

  • Information architecture
  • Server architecture
  • Enterprise Search
  • Metadata customization
  • Service application customization
  • High availability server farms
  • Dependable disaster recovery compliance
  • Ongoing governance plans to maintain and fine tune design and architecture.


Information Architecture

We take your complex corporate content, analyze it through your corporate vision for its dissemination and transform it into a seamless interactive user online experience. Using robust and common sense information architecture processes we first strive to understand your content and business goals before architecting it. We have a strong core focus on logical structure for easy access and use of complex content. We select the right content types, set the metadata and hierarchies and provide room for scalability.

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Server Architecture

Your company is growing fast. You have a sound business plan. Now you need a robust infrastructure with high availability, strong governance, reliable design principles on the server side and scalable architecture. Bring your requirement to us. Using cutting-edge SharePoint server technologies and features, we will build clean farms to maximize the topologies, load balance your data, increase stability and cut down maintenance costs.

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Enterprise Search

Is sluggish hardware and software slowing down your enterprise search? We plan and implement your enterprise search architecture by carefully mapping the size and types of your content with the size and type of the architecture we propose, selecting physical or virtual server approaches and planning storage and performance to give you the maximum performance on your search feature.

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Service Application Customization

We are experts in creating custom SharePoint service applications to meet our clients' business needs. We analyze the application servers, web servers and the consumers that will leverage your enterprise system and tailor the service application accordingly. We use our deep knowledge of the new service infrastructure in SharePoint to configure services on a case-by-case basis and provide great flexibility for each web application.

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